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Prudentia M&A Folio: 6% increase in activity in Baltic M&A market in 2015

The results of Prudentia M&A Folio review show that in terms of M&A deal count in the Baltic States, 2015 has ended with a positive trend - 6% increase compared to 2014. Also elsewhere in the world 2015 was marked as the highest volume M&A year ever, by 16.6% surpassing the previous peak of 2007.

The largest disclosed transaction in terms of value in the Baltic market in 2015 was in the telecommunications sector – the Swedish telecommunications company TeliaSonera announced two Lithuanian subsidiary merger, thus continuing the consolidation of the Baltic telecommunications market. Transaction value - 220 million Euro.

Correspondingly, Prudentia and Nasdaq Riga organized morning debates, where discussions about the possible consolidation of the Latvian telecommunications market in the context of Lattelecom and LMT merger were actualized.

No less important from the consolidation aspect is the manufacturing industry – the most active M&A sector in the Baltics for the second consecutive year. Investors’ interest in this sector continues to grow signalizing that there are still open consolidation opportunities in the region.

Prudentia M&A Folio industry expertise this time is devoted to changes in the financial services market, where by the increase of the modern technologies role in everyday life, the changes continue to affect the financial sector and its key player – banks.

With the rapid growth of investment in the global financial technology (FinTech) industry, innovative and creative solutions have expanded also in the traditional banking domains as financing and lending. The expansion of FinTech companies consequently leads to decline of the banking role in the financial markets, which in turn force traditional banks to cooperate with FinTech and IT companies in order to adjust to the market changes.

Full version of Prudentia M&A Folio review is available here: Prudentia M&A Folio (443.15 KB).

Prudentia M&A Folio is a review of the mergers and acquisitions in the Baltic States, issued quarterly. General market tendencies are discussed within the scope of the review. Furthermore, Prudentia gives its expertise regarding the most appealing M&A sectors in the Baltic States.

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